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Be a Lloretenc like

“The excellence of the daiquiri was achieved by a Lloretenc”

The relationship between Lloret and the daiquiri is both a passionate and unknown story. A story which cannot be understood without taking into account the important influence that the Lloretencs who moved to Havana in the XIX and XX centuries left, the so-called Americans. Few people know that it was a Lloretenc, Constantí Ribalaigua i Vert, who worked on the recipe for daiquiri until perfecting it

The best cocktail maker of the XX century

Constantí Ribalaigua was born in 1888 in Lloret de Mar and in 1899 let for Cuba with his family. Soon after he started working in Floridita, which at that time, was owned by other Lloretencs, Narcís and Francesc Sala Parera. Constantí bought the establishment in 1918. This is how a career began that would lead him to be considered the best cocktail maker of the twentieth century.

Among the milestones of this illustrious Lloretenc, we should highlight the more than 150 cocktails he invented, five of which experts rank among the top 10 Caribbean cocktails of all time.

Constantí Ribalaigua
Narcís Sala i Parera

The frozen daiquiri,
the Lloretenc recipe

Constantí is the creator of the frozen daiquiri, also known as the Floridita daiquiri or Lloretenc daiquiri. His secret is rather simple and, therefore, genius: Constantí was the first to add crushed ice to create a more refreshing drink and with a different texture. Success was instant. Hemingway, who regularly frequented the Floridita was a fan of Constantí and put it better than anyone:

 “the daiquiris that Constantí made didn't taste of alcohol and the feeling when drinking it was the same as skiing down a glacier covered by dusty snow”.

Crushed ice + an ounce and a half of rum + a teaspoon of sugar + the juice of half a Cuban green lemon + and five drops of maraschino cherry.

All served in a wide mouth, cocktail glass which has been frozen beforehand.


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El Rei dels coctelers - Constantí Ribalaigua
Constantí Ribalaigua,  the cocktail king
Floridita. Coctelería lloretenca.
El Floridita, the best cocktail bar in the world has Lloretenc roots

Where you can have a daiquiri in Lloret de Mar

Romaní. Lloret.
El Romaní
Hotel de la Mar. Lloret.
Hotel Delamar
Cala Banys. Lloret.
Cala Banys


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